Multifunctional Vessel:

Catamaran Aluminum multi-purpose vessel. Hull and substructure Marine Grade Aluminum 5083 BV COI (certificate of inspection)


BV Class Notation:
Special Service – Garbage & Oil Spill Collection
Sheltered Area


LOA : 12.60 m
Beam : 6.00 m
Depth : 2.00 m
Draft : 1.05 m
Gross Tonnage : 24 T

Oil Spill Collection Vessel:

Inflatable / Fence Type Boom,
Oil Skimmer,
Towable Bladder,
Ship’s hydraulic for spill response equipment,
Adaptable hydraulic system for international oil spill response equipments,

Garbage Collectin / Sea surface clean -up:

Custom design marine conveyor belt,
Main conveyor + sweeping arms,
Collection bin,


Clean deck area,
Marine type hydraulic crane,
Twin main engines (marine diesel engine)
Twin diesel generators (marine diesel engine)
Twin hydraulic power pacs,

Oil Spill:
First responder for oil spill response of terminals and ports. Inflatable boom and boom reel.

Garbage Collecting:
Marine debris collecting conveyor belts with sweeping arms.

Clean Deck Area for misc operations,
Marine hydraulic crane,
Twin Marine diesel engines,
Twin diesel generator,
Fire & bilge pump,