Boom Reels:

Boom Reels are being used for deposit of inflatable and fence type booms. Different types of barriers can be wrapped around boom reels specific to their shapes and sizes. If the boom is large, reels dimensions has to grow as well.

Booms stand ready to embark on the reel for the fast response. Apart from that as mentioned in 2009/6 compliance booms has to be stored around reels orderly.

Boom reels are being used for storage of fence type and inflatable type booms and they also use for deployment of booms. There are 3 kinds of boom reels.

  • Manuel
  • Diesel-hydraulic system (portable power unit)
  • Electric motor and gearbox system(fixed power unit)

Basic Features

  • Forklift channels
  • Durable against sea epoxy paint.
  • Easy maintenance,


Our boom reels sizing specific for the booms itself. We are able to custom manufacture according to size, dimension and location.