Model: Sea Hunter Trash Boat


Sea Hunter; designed and manufactured by EPS; is a practical, economical and efficient Trash Skimming solution. With a strong GRP hull she can be used for any marine litter problem at inner harbors, beaches and lakes etc.

Marine debris which are floating and hanging on the water column can be collected with great efficiency. The strong structure of the keel and reinforced composite material makes her to become a strong and reliable sea clean-up workboat.

Main Specifications:

  • Length over all : 8,00 meter
  • Width : 3,10 meter
  • Draft : 0,55 meter
  • Speed : 8-9 knots
  • Hull Type : GRP Catamaran
  • Engine : 1 x Marine Diesel

Marine Litter Recovery System:

The water surface will be cleaned by means of he AISI 316 SS stainless steel construction which is working like a trash basket. The wide and meshed hydraulic driven basket  can be used to recover any floating debris like plastics, trash, algae, sargassum and tree branches. Two hydraulic pistons are helping to lower and rise the trash basket.


Sea Hunter Trash Recovery Boat Standard Specifications :


  • The wide and open engine room creates a comfortable area in order to complete any maintenance operation onboard the vessel. If it will be required the main engine can be very easily taken out through the engine room hatch. The engine room hatch is made of marine grade aluminum.
  • Sea Hunter can be easily transported from one place to another by means of a truck. Our catamaran structure is light on weight but strong on the hull.
  • The main deck is surrounded by AISI 316 SS stainless steel stanchions.
  • Maintenance free Duplex SS shaft and shaft sealing system + MnBr Cu3 3 blade propeller ASE
  • Automatic hydraulic cooling radiator, independent hydraulic tank and electro-hydraulic control valves.
  • All watertight bulkheads and compartments are designed according to IMO Damaged Stability Rules.
  • Strong impact resistance on the composite hull and bulwark system.
  • All functions can be controlled from the operator’s console.
  • Nice looking in built navigational lights . The horn and the fuel + battery gauges are on the operator’s console.
  • The operator’s console can be closed with a nice sunbrella cover.
  • Sea Hunter is a nice Trash Boat with open deck area. The clean deck area can be increased upon on customers request.
  • VHF radio is included in the standard package.
  • Marine Epoxy and PU Painting + Antifouling + Deck Anti-slick Painting


Sea Hunter Trash Boat

Trash Recovery Boat


Sea Hunter Trash Recovery Boat Optional Packages :

  • Navigation Plus: Chart Plotter, Echo Sounder
  • Advanced Collection Package: Increase storage area + conveyor collection system
  • Bow Thruster : To increase maneuvering capability of the Trash Boat.
  • Stern Thruster : To increase maneuvering capability of the Trash Boat.


Model: Sea Hunter Trash Recovery Boat

General Specifications:

Full Lenght: 8,00 meter

Width: 3,00 meter

Speed: 8-9 knots

Catamaran type, GRP