HazMAT Operation Training

Personnel who will react as  the first response to a possible chemical spill should go through this training. Purpose of first response is protecting the environment and commodity.

First response personnel take necessary precautions and stands by for emergency response team to response to the spill. Their basic duty is preventing the spill from reaching other places and eliminating the possible contamination risks. Training is recommended to personnel who  work at handling of chemical substances and transporting them. Attendees have to take minimum 8 hours HazMat Awareness Training beforehand.

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HazMat Technician Training

HazMat technician is a personnel that strives against spill by all means and eliminates the threat completely.The difference from the first response personnel, HazMat technician responds spill completely from the source. Personnel who will become HazMat technician have to take minimum 24 hours first response or HazMat operations training.

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HazWOper (Hazardous Waste Operation) Training

This training program is for personnel who are directly involves with the chemical substances.It will be very helpful to take this training for the related personnel. Also personnel  that works with hazardous waste or  people who are being a part of emergency response to chemical pollution teams can take maximum advantage of this training.

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ICS Training

This training must be taken by the chemical pollution control managers after they took 24 hours first response training or HazMat Operations Training. Related department managers and staff that working in various parts of operations should take this training for efficient emergency response.