Hazardous chemical substances leakage intervention is already to date in the World and By the International Maritime Organization this case is covered by  HNS convention and still there are ongoing works about it.

Compared to oil pollution response, intervention to dangerous chemical substances is much more difficult and it requires different strategies at the planning and the intervention stages for different chemical components

Numerous chemical intervention operations have been carried out so far by the experts of EPS Marine and Environmental Services

Responses to hazardous chemicals are high risk operations that require special expertise and training. Endowed with OSHA , HazMat Technician and HazWoper certificates our team is always with you against chemical accidents cleaning, field decontamination and neutralization situations.

We help out customers about disposing chemical wastes, arising a result of cleaning operations.

Cleaning chemical pollution of hatches, tanks and bilge completed expeditiously by our team of experts

In the storage facilities of ports or ports which handle containers we can respond to any spill in 20′ / 40′ / 40′ High Cube container types. As a result of our response, containers and storage facilities will be at workable state. Our chemical pollution response services are also available to factories, workshops and logistics firms.

Our services are listed below:

  • Emergency response to chemical spills on board.
  • Emergency response to chemical spills in industry
  • Emergency response to chemical spills on highways
  • Response to IMO cargo pollution
  • Container cleaning
  • Hatch cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Escorting hazardous material transportation on highways
  • Escorting IMO cargo