Enclosed Space Entry and Rescue Training

During the 8 hours training participants learn how to enter enclosed spaces, defined by company procedures dangerous and must get permission before entering , properly. Every participant learns what to do as enclosed space entrance personnel and enclosed space entry team leader. Closed space entry training has 2 parts. At first part participants learn theoretical information, at second part participants get practical training that consist of how to use personal protection equipment , gas measuring devices and fans.

All participants learn how to enter all kinds of enclosed spaces and get trained about how to use tripod and other rescue systems. Scenarios that absence of a tripod system is handled with simple rope ties as well.

Who Should get Trained?

Enclosed space entry training must be taken by the personnels and team leaders who should enter to enclosed spaces.

Headlines of Training:

  • Responsibilities of operation managers, team members and entry personnel during enclosed space entry.
  • Horizontal and vertical man rescue technics from enclosed space.
  • Knowledge about enclosed space entry equipment; safety belts, tripods, cranes, davit arms, hardware, ropes, (carbines), pulleys and rescue equipment.
  • Knowledge and classification about possible danger.
  • Identification of gas measuring and ventilation systems.
  • Basic safety precautions.
  • Maintenance of enclosed space entry equipment.