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Vikoma can offer a great variety of pumps for different  areas of use.

Pumps being used at hydrocarbon transfers are usually lobe and impeller type pump,  besides spate, diaphragm and centrifugal pumps can be offered by customer demand.

  • Superior suction and discharge features.
  • Can work with 25mm solid particles.
  • Can work dry whitout being damaged.
  • Easy use and easy carry
  • Protection chassis and forklift carriers are avaliable as optional.
  • Pump capacity: 7m³/h– 300m³/h

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Two diffrent types Foilex TDS type submersible pumps are manufactured. Both versions are desinged with ”Twin Disc Screw” technology , developed by Foilex in 1990. Thanks to this technology %70 more performance can be achived compared to the other pumps at market.

TDS Discharge Pumps

Pump reciever located at the bottom of the pump, so that tank can be discharged to its minimum level. Hydraulic press action takes place in a vertical parallel hose.

TDS Skimmer Pumps

Beacuse of these pumps being used with skimmers ,pump reciever is located at the top.

TDS pumps are hydraulic driven, therefore they can be powered with both with their own powerpack and ships hydraulics. There are hose connectors for easy connection you can purchase.

TDS pumps are usually used for transfer of high viscosity crude oil, bunker oil and discharge/transfer of emulsifying products.Due to its easy transportation and ease of use, it can be used all kinds of fixed and mobile applications.


  • It can fit to any kind of ”Butterworth Door”
  • Capacity: 0-37 m³/h
  • Dimensions: 51×26,5×29,8 cm
  • Weight: 35 kg (77 lbs)


  • Heavy duty submersible pump, ideal for more difficult discharge operations.
  • Capacity: 0-70 m³/saat
  • Dimensions: 42x31x68 cm
  • Weight: 90 kg


  • Heavy duty submersible pump, ideal for more difficult discharge operations.
  • Capacity: 0-140 m³/saat
  • Dimensions: 55x36x74 cm
  • Weight: 120 kg

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Salarollpump clean up system for oil and chemicals is a unique patented system designed for response, recovery and cleanup of oil spills, chemical spills and other debris laden liquids. Tank cleaning and transfer pumping is another area of use for the Salarollpump system. The extremely strong suction (vacuum) and the debris tolerance of 37 mm (1 ½”) solids makes it suitable for pumping debris laden viscous oil. The high discharge pressure makes it possible for liquids to flow through a long distance of hose. The combination of handling weight and portability enables the user to deploy the system in remote areas.