[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With our experience, EPS marine provides consultancy services about oil and chemical pollution and also has an important place about training workers who are working at oil and gas industry about those pollutions.

Nowadays health, safety and environmental protection trainings are very important for remarkable companies and our company is able to provide you these trainings with our foreign business partners by any kind you need.

Under the 2010-4 planning, training seminars and drills related to pollution preparedness and response from oil and other harmful substances circular we provide trainings listed below to the related shore facility personnel which are approved by maritime undersecretary:




Companies those prefer us for oil and chemical substances response training are below.

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Even if it’s not mandatory by law you can always contact us for make your personnel be ready to oil and other chemical pollutions.

Covered by IMO OPRC Model Courses, equivalents of the, named IMO OPRC level 1, IMO OPRC level 2 and IMO OPRC level 3 trainings can be seen on the board above.

To this day we have given and giving response to oil pollution training at shore facilities , shipping companies, oil pipeline operators , terminal and storage facilities both in Turkey  and abroad.

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